Who Is…Jim Chapman


Did you see over the weekend that there was a persistent hashtag called #jimandtanyagetmarried? It didn’t really make sense to me because I’m 31 years old and automatically thought it had something to do with Ariana Grande or Justin Bieber, but actually, it was something much nicer. Much, much nicer indeed.

Over the past two or three years, vlogging has become a new career path (one that will hopefully appear on The Sims soon) and a raft of beautiful new young’uns have appeared all over the internet starring in their own video blogs on YouTube covering all sorts of things. Want a beauty blog? There’s hundreds of them. Want a fashion blog? Thousands. Want a blog to show you the best way to put in a top knot? MILLIONS. But whereas vloggers and I lead very separate lives, Jim Chapman kept popping up in my Twitter feed for more and more different reasons.


Firstly, the getting married thing, and then, last night, he attended the GQ Awards with his lovely wife Tanya Burr, herself a vlogger. Presumably he was invited because his videos about men’s fashion are watched by millions of subscribers (at last count he had TWO MILLION), and also because he was voted 17th Best Dressed Man In Britain in GQ itself. Fairly obvious reasoning there. It made sense for him to turn up to the awards, and they looked pretty great together. It was very lovely. 

UK film premiere of 'The Avengers: Age of Ultro'

But then today he popped up again, this time from River Island. Chapman had given his own professional Edit showing the styles that he thought were the best that River Island had to offer. And, again, it was pretty great. Roll necks, layering, integral leather jackets and tiny, weeny dogs; it had it all. There was also a slight topless shot. Chapman was warm and confident towards the camera and confidently told us what were going to be great additions to our wardrobe.

Normally, I would be ‘this guy again’ and tweet angrily about how he’s everywhere and what has he ever done, but Chapman doesn’t seem like that. He seems to genuinely have that gift of speaking to someone and getting 100% confidence into them, which is quite rare. Not very many people can do it and pull it off as easily as Jim.


Obviously I can’t like him that much, he’s insanely popular, talented and accomplished and he’s younger than me, so there’s that.


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