Every Man Needs…A Grey Coat


Sometimes when we barrel, headlong into Autumn and more warming hues like mustardy yellows and mossy greens start to appear everywhere, we get carried away with wrapping up warmly and not really thinking about what trends were prevalent during the Summer and whether we can continue these through into another season. One of the biggest trends in the last few months was a more minimalist look that was stripped back of colour and more focused on structure and form. Lots of stark whites and deepest blacks on garments that bent and stretched the silhouette to your own will; oversized and longline shirts will still be big come Winter, but this time layered over a plain t-shirt and under a shapeless coat. But, if you’re wardrobe is missing a vital ingredient to keep you safe against that cutting December wind, why not have a look at the four best grey jackets out on the high street.

Grey is a useful tone to have in a minimalist wardrobe because it allows you to experiment with colour combinations. Instead of having just all black, or all white (yuck) you can now have an intermediary colour to break it up with.

Everyday Casual

Topman, £60

Perfect for everyday use, this wool bomber from Topman is suitable to be thrown on over any outfit that will take you milling around the houses or a trip into town. The ontrend sports shape is there with it’s baseball collar and cuffed sleeves and works great dressed with a plain coloured jumper or t-shirt, casual jeans and white sneakers. Big, oversized coats don’t suit everyone, and the long length of coats can sometimes swamp more petite, or squarer frames, but this jacket will cinch you in at the waste and give your silhouette a rigid dimension that will look much better than draping lapels and hanging belt loops.

Most Ontrend

Zara, £59.99

Oversized coats, and silhouette bending but with a masculine edge is going to be huge when it comes to smart casual dressing this season. Though this coat is unstructured (meaning that it has very little darting and not much in the way of shaping) it will look great dressed over a skinny suit or jeans and a denim jacket. The way to nail this look is to make sure that every other part of your outfit fits perfectly; the right length and shaped jean, a slim collar shirt under a crew neck jumper fastened to the top, and some paired back shoes that doesn’t take focus away from the statement you’re making at the top. It needs to be done to perfection because an unflattering trouser will swamp your frame and you will look huge.

Alternatively, you can also go the other way and play around with the silhouette by having wide leg trousers and a top tucked into them underneath. It’s an easy way to get a fashion win, if you can find wide leg trousers.

Most Daring

Reiss, £295

This mid length coat from Reiss is quite pricey, but if you’re looking for a stand out talking point, or want to turn heads on your way to work, then this is the one for you. Dress it with differing shades of grey and with black accessories to set you apart from anyone else on your commute, if you have the confidence for it.

Something Special

River Island, £95

This is probably my favourite coat out of them all. The faux fur collar hints at the 70s trend and the peacoat buttoning means that it’s smart enough to dress up an otherwise casual outfit. Perfect for a Wintry Sunday walk in the country, or a George Best stride to football practice. Wearing plain knitwear, slim leg jeans and a pair of smart-ish boots will nail this look. Beware for those of you with broad shoulders or chests; the faux fur will automatically add depth to your frame and throw it out of kilter, and if you wear your jeans too tight will make you look like a triangle with clumpy boots attached to your legs. Try and stick to a plainer collar flicked up to stretch your frame.


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