Who Is…Darren Kennedy?


I spent some time looking into who Jim Chapman was, and why he was famous yesterday, and it turns out, unlike most people famous on the internet, it was for actual reasons. But while I was looking at various things about him, another name kept cropping up time and time again: Darren Kennedy.

I’ve been briefly aware of Darren Kennedy a few times, with his appearances on This Morning on infrequent days off, looking at fashion and that with whoever is fronting it that day, and he’s always seemed dead amiable and nice, and at the very same time, a pretty handsome guy. With his Irish lilt, and his clothes styled perfectly, Kennedy was a moment of sunshine between Katie Hopkins calling kids fat and Sharon Marshall telling us about what’s going on in Emmerdale.


But who is Darren Kennedy? Where did Darren Kennedy come from?
Probably most famous for his work with menswear, Kennedy has become a pretty prolific voice on YouTube and Twitter, having over 23,000 followers hanging on his tweets, seeing where he is, and more importantly, what he’s wearing. But he isn’t just another vlogger who has an opinion about shirt collars or whatever (like us) but he has the backing of graduating from Central Saint Martins bolstering his knowledge and experience.

This knowledge and experience led to the creation of the collaboration with legendary tailor Louis Copeland, which resulted in the first collection selling out in three weeks, and the fourth collection being completely brilliant and so ontrend that you would expect to see it in Selfridges. Think luxe knit coats draped over windowpane pattern suits and 80s confidence, but at a price that you’d pay for.

dk-headerAs well as sell out collections, Kennedy is pretty visible on TV; fronting #Trending for RTÉ2 and numerous spots on This Morning, in Telegraph Men (a section dedicated to men’s lifestyle and fashion) as well as being featured in British and American GQ, Vogue, Tatler and InStyle. He’s even been voted Ireland’s Most Stylish Man in 2013. Which is pretty excellent stuff.

But all that professional stuff aside, Kennedy seems like a genuine guy with a genuine interest in making men look the best they can, as easily as they can.


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