Every Man Needs…An Overcoat

For a long time overcoats were for the dandiest of dressers, making an invaluable addition to a three piece suit for that commute to the city and their high ranking bankers job, but this Autumn/Winter the overcoat is having an overhaul and is definitely, as Stylist might call it, having a moment. Dressed down, with knitwear and jeans instead of a perfectly tailored suit (although this is an option as well), done well, an overcoat will spruce up an outfit to a talking point, instead of just one more layered outfit.

Every online retailer is trying to get one of them into your basket, and for it to not fit properly, or for you to realise that you’re only five foot and it’ll dwarf you like that one time you thought wearing a cape was a good thing. Although they are a very niche, trend led item, which is a nice way of saying that it won’t suit everyone and they’ll be expensive, they can look really good on the right person. If you’re unsure whether that’s you or not, we’ve have five outfits that will suit every body type.

The Hero Piece

Italian fabric wool overcoat - M&S - £179
Italian fabric wool overcoat – M&S – £179

This hero piece, from M&S’ Autograph range is made with Italian fabric, and combined with their hidden darts and seams gives a very sleek silhouette that will add length, and class to any outfit. Wear it with skinny jeans, a snazzy pair of brogues, grey boot socks, a flicked collar and an attitude that you know you look great and you will stand apart from anyone else. Or play it conventionally with a wool suit that fits just right and you’ll hit all the major sartorial points dead easily.

Lasting Value

Dark brown herringbone wool blend coat - River Island - £95
Dark brown herringbone wool blend coat – River Island – £95

A good overcoat can reinvent your outfits, but it can also become a more permanent part of your wardrobe, so you should be wary of what colour you should buy. This herringbone coat from River Island will stand the test of time because of it’s heritage pattern and dark brown colour, and especially if you wear a lot of navy and blues. Wear it up with some brown coloured shoes and accessories, to show off how much we all know that navy and brown is great together, or wear it simply with some beige/camel coloured knitwear and some jeans for those mornings visiting a farmer’s market or whatever it is you do.

Most Ontrend

Rust wool blend overcoat - Topman  - £95
Rust wool blend overcoat – Topman – £95

We’d be idiots if we didn’t even look at some of the unusual, autumnal colours that are out there, and this one from Topman in a lovely rust colour will go with so many outfits. Flannel checks will look great underneath it, both collars poking up from underneath a scarf. More formal knitwear, navy trousers and a scarf loosely draped over your shoulders will go well too for when the weather gets a bit too cold for just a shirt and a smile. Although this colour might not stand the test of time, there will be some variant of it every year. So don’t feel too bad.

Best Made

'Roberts' charcoal melange wool coat - Reiss - £295
‘Roberts’ charcoal melange wool coat – Reiss – £295

Although it is the priciest of the five, you’re not paying just for the fabric, you’re also paying for the time and effort its taken to create garments of such a high design and quality. Walk into any Reiss and you’ll be immediately struck by how everything just feels expensive. Thick cottons and luxurious wools line the walls, and this coat might be our favourite thing in the store. Although Reiss have made a name for themselves with their slightly exclusive smartwear, it’s completely warranted. Because they don’t follow trends as closely as Topman might, what they do is excel at the basics that will improve your wardrobe.

What do you think? Are you ready to throw one of your shoulders and saunter around town? Or is it just too formal?


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