Huntsman – a British institution ready for the 21st century


There aren’t many menswear brands that can claim to have survived two World Wars, three monarchs and numerous celebrity scandals, but Huntsman, situated at 11 Savile Row, is one of these. Founded in 1849 and dressing the likes of Cecil Beaten, Gregory Peck, and Alexander McQueen, Huntsman have become one of the most quintessential British brands. Excelling at impeccable bespoke tailoring and a ready to wear collection, Huntsman is the place to go if you have expensive tastes.

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Starting at £1,375 for a Prince of Wales double breasted suit and ranging up to £2,500 for a navy double breasted flannel rope suit, it isn’t somewhere for the faint hearted, or tight walleted. But you don’t get cheated on substance. Each fabric is the very best they can find, and the finishing touches, like the side vents, and slanted pockets, are just one part of the experience.

Visiting Huntsman must be like an experience in itself; plush interiors, impeccable interiors and the very perfection of customer service. This must have been what it was like to get a suit specially made for you back in the days of smoking indoors and drinking whiskey like it wasn’t going out fashion. Their newly refurbished Savile Row store will take you back to a decadent age of unchallenged masculinity and, with their new New York store looking to bring this attitude across the Atlantic, it seems that Huntsman know what they are doing.


Their Autumn/Winter 15 ready to wear collection, inspired by MI5 and British intelligence couldn’t come at a better time really. Taking inspiration from The Imitation Game, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, and every single thing that is slightly inspired by Ian Fleming’s Bond, mixes them with the Huntsman archives from the 1940s, and produces a classy suit that will see you through from day to night, and create a stir wherever you go.

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Notice how I’m not making a ‘shaken not stirred’ joke there? We’re better than that, frankly.

The accessories are the height of luxury, made up of cashmere scarves, horn rimmed umbrellas, thickly woven knitwear and classic fit shirts, makes them ideal for gifting this Christmas because they will already fit into your existing wardrobe. Imagine how swish your husband will look, dashing along the train platform with their horn inset polished wood umbrella, first thing on a frosty morning. Admittedly, he has a Rice Krispy hanging out of his mouth but no one is perfect.

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You can find Huntsman here or on Twitter.


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