Topman – This Is Denim; reinventing the staple

If there’s one thing that Topman do well, it’s denim. There isn’t another company out there who can provide so many different styles and washes. They were at the forefront of the birth of the skinny jean, and are one of the few places that you can go to that can be confident you will find the perfect fit for you. Admittedly, their sizing is a way off compared to the rest of the High Street, but they make up for that with a very varied catalogue of styles.

Their’s is a love affair with denim.

And with their new This Is Denim campaign, it looks like that affair is about to heat up.

Time tested styles like the legendary skinny and the up and coming straight leg are still here, but in numerous washes and fabrics, but, what’s more interestingly is the inclusion of the flare; a style much maligned for the best part of a decade.

For those with a figure that struggles to get into the majority of clothes from Topman, the resurgence of the flare is very good news. Everyone knows that the best thing about flares is that they balance out a heavy body, and lengthen a shorter body. Which is great news if you’re sick of wearing shapeless straight leg jeans. This version is higher on the waist, and with the added stretch fabric, keeps it skinny on the thigh and flared out from the knee.

Wear them in a 70s style, with double denim, shearling and corduroy to nail the look.





97N21JTAN_large 97Q22KWHT_large

Shop all the styles here


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