Every Man Needs … Desert Boots

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As the cooler months are looking at us like an expectant puppy waiting for us to magic a bone out of thin air, the temptation to get wrapped up warm is too tempting to turn down. And as the cold winds and frost starts biting at our ankles, we need something to cover them up, but what happens when thick, heavy soled boots just aren’t suitable? Why, we turn to desert boots. Functional, fashionable and bringing a bit of flare and texture to any outfit, Team them with dark wash jeans with a contrasting turn up, grandad top and a preppy shawl neck cardigan to nail the look perfectly.

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Although its a staple of the laidback, masculine look, a shoe version can be applied to a work outfit as well to give a bit of Wintry variation on the boring black slip on.

By wary of what fabric you buy, because although mud will slide off leather boots, suede will have night terrors at the thought of being covered in mud. It is literally a waste of money if you want them for walking about the countryside. Give us your money because you clearly can’t be trusted with it.


The key to the perfect at ease style is keeping the palette simple and autumnal, keeping the outfit simple but perfectly put together. The scarf, although massive and ontrend, can be wound round your shoulders, worn down, or even used like a mini-cape, depending on what your style is, but its a lazy, trans-Atlantic lumberjack vibe.


Keeping the palette to the brilliant navy/brown contrast allows you to play around with layering and mixing fabrics to create a luxe effect. Throw an overcoat on top to nail the polished luxury look in a matching shade, and top it off with leather accessories to set it off.


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