Steal His Style: Jamie Dornan

Who doesn’t love Jamie Dornan? The husky voiced Irishman has set almost everyone’s hearts aflutter with his almost always nude appearances in Fifty Shades Of Grey and The Falland his everyman appeal makes even the straightest of men want to buy him a pint. He also has an enviable sense of style, a simple, paired back look useful for every day things like being bread, or causing Saturday girls in Currys to have a hot flush when he comes in to buy a USB stick. But how do you get that look? Where do you start? Well, with these simple five steps, we will show you how.

The Baseball Jacket

Baseball jackets have been ontrend for a few seasons now, and now come in such an array of colours and textures that there is one to suit everyone now. Jamie has opted for a simple design, in a thick, Melton-like fabric to finish his layered ensemble.


Jamie has kept his palette quite neutral and focused, basing it around different shades of blue, so as not to overpower his outfit. By keeping it simple, he’s allowed the shapes of the jeans and jacket stand out.

The Skinny Jeans

Jamie has opted for a dark grey coloured pair of jeans to tie in with his scarf and break his vertical line from being dedicated just to blue.

The suede Chelsea boot

Opting for a smarter alternative to a desert boot, but a step down from a bigger, more hardier style, this is a perfect addition to his outfit because it draws attention to his feet by the contrast of brown against grey, and with the inclusion of grey means that he’s nailing the texture clash trend.

The Scarf

A chunky scarf, tied loosely around his neck, gives the final preppy twist, and the grey ties in with his jeans.


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