Hardy Amies – Making Your Christmas Go With A Bang

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Hardy Amies has long been at the pinnacle of couture menswear that embraces an innate British stoicism. They were one of the first design houses in Europe to venture in the ready-to-wear market, and even ran the very first dedicated menswear fashion show at The Savoy Hotel back in the 1961. They’ve been at the vanguard of British tailoring, in one way or another, for decades, and they are still going strong with this year’s batch of eveningwear, which has just dropped on their pretty wonderful site.

Opting for the classic colours of navy and black, with the most formal of formal shirts, the options for your Christmas party are pretty succinct. They have everything you might ever need for every occasion: fancy silk handkerchiefs, brushed gold cufflinks, leather Oxford shoes, the whole shebang. If you want the very best of men’s tailoring that will last you for long after you’ve worked off all that Stollen you’ve been eyeing up in Lidl, then this is the place for you. Expertly crafted and sourced with the best fabrics around, Hardy Amies is all about helping you to make the best sartorial choices on hand. And if you walked into any party in any one of their suits, you’ll turn heads and cause a stir.

You can find out some more brilliant things at Hardy Amies, I know that you’ll want to. I’m coveting the Hardy Mac, expertly worn by Personal Hero Jim Chapman.


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