Savvy Inspo – Huntsman SS16

I love a little bit of Huntsman; since I got into menswear blogging, it’s been a massive inspiration for me to see the very, very best of traditional English style, craftmanship and elegance. The bespoke style, created entirely in England really sums up the voice of retail at the moment; with the focus being on traditional and handmade tailoring, with homemade products that are quintessentially British.

SS16 4

Their Spring/Summer lines are restrained and timeless, with the focus being on the creation and craft of the garments, and not how many bells and whistles they can put on them. Cashmere and wool come in navy, soft cream and ecru, while the shirts highlight the warmer weather with linen and cotton.

SS16 1

It’s a heightened sense of Summertime elegance that would fit in at work, with your existing wardrobe, or even just as a statement piece that characterises the range, looking at making the most of garments which you’re going to pull out of your wardrobe multiple years on the trot. A Huntsman suit isn’t just another addition to your wardrobe, it’s going to be the best thing you’ll ever buy.

You can find more loveliness at


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