Patrick Grant wants us to have great clothes

I love Patrick Grant. His stoic, almost bastion like support of British clothing is an inspiration in the World of fast, cheaply made, somewhat immoral, fashion market. As the owner of Norton & Sons, he has worked wonders on the ailing brand, focusing it into a powerhouse of British inspiration and creative output. Through the reinvention of E. Tautz and Hammond & Co (both part of the Norton & Sons family), Grant has worked hard to institutionalise a British sense of style, that’s affordable and easy to wear, back into the modern consciousness.


And now Grant is looking at how businesses creating homespun fashion can sustain themselves all year long, instead of just hitting peak times of the year and then slowing down businesses once orders stop coming in by setting up a Kickstarter that will tide businesses over for the whole year.

Launching Community Clothing, a social company that hopes to turn back the tide of outsourcing and imports, Grant hopes to sell premium products at un-premium prices so orders can be stocked all year long. Which can only be great. Who wouldn’t want to have a jacket made in Britain, sewn by experts at the craft? And for a price that’ll match the High Street?


Offering a small range of clothes to begin with; men’s and women’s jeans, Harringtons and raincoats, hopefully the range will expand after a while and fill in some of the blanks left in your wardrobe. raincoat2

Funding starts from £5 (with your name posted on the Community Clothing Funding Wall) to £240 for one pair of jeans, one Harrington jacket and one raincoat, so there’s not really any reason not to pledge your support.


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