Savvy Inspo – Taron Egerton

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Burgeoning Hollywood star Taron Egerton has long been a massive inspiration of mine; mainly because of his handsomeness and outrageous acting chops, but once you look past that jawline, you see something else; an incredibly good sense of style.

A streamlined, simple look, working on basic colours and relying on the construction and line of the garments to make him look totally amazing, is the basis of Egerton’s sense of style. A down to Earth palette of neutrals and smart knitwear, there’s no flashy tweaks and whistles, just clothes that fit well, and look great, with a British feeling style.

Perhaps inspired by his partnership with Kingsman, the film that he starred in with Colin Firth (and which is really awesome), or perhaps he’s one of those lucky people who are born with an innate sense of style, but regardless, Egerton is fast becoming a one to keep your eye on.



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