Thomas Pink Back Team GB #spectateinstyle

Remember the 2012 Olympics that London held and how bloody brilliantly we did? Of course you do, it was one of the few  times that ‘being British’ wasn’t synonymous with xenophobia. 




Well it’s almost time for the next set of Olympics, held in Rio De Janeiro no less (take that rainy Tuesday at Olympic Park!) and British shirt makers Thomas Pink have thrown their sartorial weight behind the team of Olympian hopefuls by creating a range based on emblematic themes of British sport. 

Union Jack laden shirts and Polos might seem like something that’s ten a penny at Primark in the Summer (along with some very shady Taylor Swift tshirts) whereas the Thomas Pink garments are restrained and wholly more classy. 

The range comes with accessories; including socks and cuff links, and every garment is officially licensed by Team GB. 

So, be like us, show your support for Team GB  with Thomas Pink at this year’s Olympics and fingers crossed we’re not bleeding awful. 

You can find all the lovely items shown here AND MORE at the Thomas Pink’s store. So that’s good isn’t it? 


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