Savvy Inspo – Thomas Pink’s check trend


There’s something really clean and beautiful about a well tailored check suit. Depending on the size of the check, it can take a boring suit to something really special. Obviously the bigger check will draw more of a crowd on the Tube platform, but a subtle check, something not standoffish, can really enhance your air of sartorial style. So it makes perfect sense that Thomas Pink, with their innate British tailoring skills would focus on checks, and lift them onto suits that are already sought after the World over.

Patterns come in an almost casual gingham, but on a traditionally formal suit, which gives a sense of frivolity and whatever the English equivalent of ‘je ne sais quoi’ is. Perfect for a wedding, or the office during those hours where the UK is plunged into a muggy, sunny Hell and being crammed into a busy bus results in nothing but sweaty armpits and the need for a long, tall, lemonade.

Wear with some lovely brown accessories to show everyone that you know what the cardinal rules are of wearing blue in 2016, and know that, should people be turning around to watch you walk by it’ll be because of your suit and not your frizzy, curly hair that is springing off your head due to humidity.

A LOT more Thomas Pink can be found at their pretty brilliant website here


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