New Look Go All Easy Rider On Us

If, like me, you look your best in flannel and a pair of jeans regardless of how many times you think you suit skinny fit tracksuit bottoms, and regardless of how many times you’re asked to leave your local Sainsburys because they’re just a little too tight, you will LOVE New Look’s current Spring/Summer pack. Based on one of the most influential fashion films of all time; 1969’s Easy Rider, it channels the dying vestiges of the 1960s and funnels it into a sort of vintage rock vibe.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. We can all remember when black skinny jeans and a deep v-neck t-shirt was the de rigeur uniform of the fashionably focused. Remember Russell Bland? And The Kinks? And all of those horrible, horrible looking men? Well, what would you say if it didn’t look like that, and instead, looked actually really, really good?


Amazing, right?

Suede, denim, leather with basic essentials, with smart, hard wearing accessories, this look will carry you through from Spring/Summer to Autumn/Winter by just replacing t-shirts and vests with knitwear and layered shirts and some jazzy socks. It’s almost a nailed Autumnal look already to be honest.

Suede mixed with denim, topped off with the greatest of all inventions; the white t-shirt, allows you to sum up what it means to be a DILF. Browns and blue are my favourite colours to mix, and, actually, might even try out that natty neckerchief as well.

You can even keep it simple by layering the worker shirt under the denim jacket and flicking both collars up to give an ‘…and? What?’ vibe. And the loafers are there just because they are the shoe of the season and these are only £24.99. What a price!


What do you think? Have you had enough of longline nonsense? I’m certainly ready for a return to tops that stop at your waist to be honest.


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