Thomas Pink Keeps Us In The Blue

As the Summer months start to look at our legs with pity, and the temperatures start to creep up into respectable levels that we probably wouldn’t write home about, we start to look at what ways we can make ourselves look as great as we can and hopefully attract someone who will stay with us until Christmas (for presents, natch). Retailers are Hunger Gamesing each other to get our attention, with celebrity endorsements and line-wide reductions to tempt us into their stores to ooo and aahh at their linen things and various lengths of shorts. Honestly speaking, it’s a great time to be interested in fashion. It can be inspirational, and heart wrenching. If you’ve ever popped into your favourite retailer and seen what they are limping to the finishing line with, you feel disappointed that you don’t fit into who they think you are; that you’ve fell out of favour with them; that you’re not trendy enough for them, or that they’ve fallen in love with someone else. It’s awful.

Thomas Pink, with their long term love of tailoring and British style, are going from strength to strength when it comes to winning my heart with their proper swanky garb.

Keeping a very simple palette of blue hues and relying on the luxurious textures and fabrics will make you stand out from the rest of those pretenders who rock up with their faux-suede loafers and contrast belts. The shirt, 100% linen, contrasting with the suede belt sets the tone with the linen jacket and darker trouser completing the look. The frivolous silk pocket square, and clashing spotted tie keep things light hearted and casual.

Using different shades of blue is a perfect way to create an easy outfit, and with the simplest of rules.

  1. Using a darker trouser to ground the outfit. Navy is great, but anything that is darker than the jacket and shirt will do
  2. Ideally the belt should match the trouser, unless it’s going to match your shoes, which should either be brown or navy. If they are navy, have your cuffs taken up by a few inches so you create a break in the navy.
  3. The Dunaway Fold is a perfect way to fold your pocket square, but just try and stay away from a more stringent fold like The Cagney Fold, or the Presidential Fold. You want to keep it easy and breezy, not like you’ve just left the office and you’re onto your third Jaeger Bomb.
  4. Finally, give it a good iron beforehand, and leave it at that. Don’t be afraid of linen. You want people to know that you’ve spent a large chunk of your wages on a good linen piece. Show off those creases.

What do you think? What could make this better? Why not tweet me at Savvy Men and prove me wrong? Come on! As Delia would say ‘WHERE ARE YOU?! LET’S BE AVING YOU!’


You can find all the featured clothes at Thomas Pink as well as many, MANY more. 


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