Ooo lah lah – Thomas Pink takes us to Paris

Finding your personal inspiration is incredibly difficult – it can take years and years of searching for the right aesthetic for your needs and wants. 

If you go anywhere in Europe you’ll find inspirational men effortlessly strolling around their lives looking more beautiful and together than you could ever hope to be. 

I recently spent some time in Paris and could have wasted days looking at how people were dressed, for research purposes only of course. Everything about them was perfect; the perfectly sized hems, the perfect leg shape, the perfectly chosen accessories, basically what I’m saying is it was all perfect.

Thomas Pink have diluted the Parisian sense of style, added it to their own business, that of kick ass tailoring, and created a cocktail that anyone can enjoy without spending the day after, hungover head in hand, wondering where half their bank balance has gone and how can something so simple cost so much. 

Stand out accessories: brightly coloured socks, silk pocket squares and statement ties bring tailored to perfection suits alive and lighten up a suit that, from any other tailor, could look dowdy and drudging. 

It’s definitely a light hearted, almost frivolous look. Polka dots, candy stripes and bold blues keep your look going too far into eccentric David Dickensian territory and into a more refined look that tells people that you’ve really honed your personal look. 

Find more inspiration at Thomas Pink


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