New Look S/S 16

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If you don’t have New Look on your regular stops when you go shopping, then you need to reassess your approach to fashion because they have been playing the long game when it comes to menswear. Walking into any New Look will open your eyes to a different sort of fashion: a fashion that is perfect for any occasion,but at a price that will let you have a great night out with the money you’re saving.

The best fashion choices, from a streetwise casual look of skinny joggers and structured sweatshirt, to a smart relaxed look of relaxed cut trousers and white trainers, with almost every wardrobe staple inbetween, but given a New Look spin on it. Knitwear comes in fashion colours and unusual textures, jeans come in trend focused leg fits and washes, even the shoes come in some very trend heavy shapes and colours.

I’ve longed for a place that will give me trend heavy garments, but without a trend heavy price tag, and New Look is that place. If you can, try out their super skinny jeans. Cheaper versions lose their elasticity really quickly, but these ones can last for days. Not that I would wear the same pair of jeans for days on end, but, if I wanted to, I probably could.

You can find more absolutely brilliant stuff right here.


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