Five Minutes At…Master Debonair

Sometimes things that you really enjoy can get incredibly dull; Series 4 of Game Of Thrones, fried dough, life, but one thing that you don’t want to become boring is shopping. Who doesn’t love a good old poke around the High Street to see what’s new, what’s ridiculous, and what you’re probably going to wait for the sale for, but sometimes stores can get dull and repetitive, especially when we’re between seasons like this, and you get kind of sick of seeing the same old stuff, hanging around, waiting to be replaced with new fabrics and patterns. So what do you do? Well, if I were me, which I am, I would use this great opportunity to look at more offbeat places of inspiration; smaller shops that do one area great, instead of larger businesses that do lots of area mediocre.

Independent retailers, as rare as they are, can be lacklustre and underwhelming, failing into the trap of finding one product to sell and filling up the rest of the store with more peripheral trappings. For instance, there was an independent outdoor clothing retailer in Sunderland who built the backbone of their business on selling plimsolls for £5, and lost their vision of what they wanted their business to be. And it was sad. So to find a retailer who has a true passion for fashion and making sure that they deliver the best customer service around is refreshing, invigorating and, to be honest, life changing. Why would you want to go to the High Street where customer service can be dodgy sometimes, or pop along to someone who loves what they do, and lets it reflect in their work?

Two of these people are Simon and Eve. They will take you in, walk you through everything they have until you find someone that is perfect, help you pick something great to go with it, and then send you on your way with a massive pep in your step ready to absolutely slay whatever event you’re going to. Even spending five minutes with them will make you feel resolutely better about your life. There’s something hypnotic about the pair of them that can only be described as ‘two of the nicest people on the Planet.’

Simon and Eve are proud of their achievements and it’s easy to see why. Although the brand is only in it’s infancy, they have managed a lot. Starting out online and then opening their first store in only five months is a very short time, and they are very aware of that, but instead of treading carefully and catching their breath, they are focusing on developing what they do best and focusing on that. And undoubtedly what they do best is customer service. They know their customers inside and out, and if asked, Simon could recount what a customer has ordered, what size they need, and even when it’s going to be there. It’s a level of service that I’ve never seen before. It’s an attention to detail that will bring people coming back again and again. If you treat customers like they are the best thing since cheese came pasteurised, then they will give you their money again and again. It’s as simple as that.

Built from a refurbished house, the store balances homemade pipes and fittings with statement pieces like a wall covered in leaves, or a back wall montage of some of history’s best dressed men, and much like Master Debonair’s customers, is effortless and chic. Quirky decor and unusual hangings add a sense of fun to the place that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the North East. It’s an extravagance saved usually for concept stores on Savile Row instead of the dull and rainy North East of England, and it immediately makes you smile as you walk in. There’s always something to peer at, or admire, regardless of which way you’re facing. A particular favourite was the stag’s head that had ties and accompanying ties clips hanging from the antlers. The store is fast  becoming a destination to visit.

Something else that sets Master Debonair apart from most other retailers is their choice of stock. They take pride in their choice of stockists: Guide London, Marc Darcy and Claudio Lugli, and logically say that you can go anywhere to get Vivienne Westwood and other famous brands, but Master Debonair want to bring something special to you, something special that you won’t find anywhere else, and they definitely do that. Even though some of the suits were a bit outlandish for my tastes, every suit has it’s own purpose. Chunky checks, and luxurious wool weaves, you can find something genuinely exciting in there. And the best part is the price.


You’ll leave Master Debonair knowing that the price that you’ve paid for your suit doesn’t just cover the suit, but also having the knowledge that you’re going to look the absolute best that you can look, and that’s what Simon and Eve will ensure before you go. If your jacket is too big, they’ll pin you in so it fits perfectly and even send it to a tailor to get it taken in for you. It’s this level of perfection and brilliance that sets Master Debonair aside from almost everyone else on the High Street, and essentially schools everyone else in how to give exemplary customer service.
Just go to Master Debonair, speak to everyone there, let them help you out. You will not regret it. You might even try something that you wouldn’t normally and look better than you’ve ever looked before, and at the end of the day, isn’t this what we all want?

You can visit Master Debonair at here or even see them on this fancy map



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