Thomas Pink Show Off Their DIY Skills

Here at Savvy Men, I love unconventional PR, far from the usual sponsored content on Instagram and Twitter, we love it when brands really push the boat out and make a spectacle. It’s probably why I’m interested in fashion in the first place; the drama and the scene, but Thomas Pink, a usually stoic and conventional brand, have gone all out for their Back To Business campaign. 

Some of the best models Thomas Pink have to offer found themselves sat on chairs, 10 feet up a wall dressed in nothing but a shirt, tie, socks and underwear. Perhaps to show how brilliantly they do their basics, or perhaps just to see if they slip a bollock, but regardless, it was a captivating sight, as you can tell by these images. 

Shades of adventurous pink, mix with traditional blue and check to give us a fresh, yet accessible palette, ready for your Spring/Summer 2017 updated work wardrobe. 

Inspired by a Marc Jacobs shoot by Annie Liebowitz from a 2012 issue of Vogue, the styling shows where Thomas Pink are heading into; focusing on doing the staples brilliantly, and layering on top with excellence. Like a really great cake. 

What do you think of the shoot? Is it style over substance? Or is it the best thing since whoever invented the camera invented the camera? 

Although Spring/Summer 2017 is so very, far far away, you can find more information on who the good people at Thomas Pink are and then fill your online trolley with shirts because you deserve to look good, who told you that you didn’t? Also, there’s a sale on, and who doesn’t love a bargain? 


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