Wearing jewellery for men can be tricky. Without a steady hand you can quickly fall into David Dickinson territory and that’s very niche. It might be too niche even for David Dickinson to be opposite. You don’t see people queuing up looking for matching purple blazers and trousers and a skin the colour of good wood, or mediocre whiskey.


Some think that you should keep men’s jewellery to an absolute minimum, whereas others encourage you to find one or two really stand out pieces that will bring a sense of frivolity and fun to an outfit. It all boils down to your personal preference and what the situation is.


But where can you find some of the best up and coming jewellery creators and find out what’s going to be big? Well, The Pommier is a handy place to start. Crammed full of a very wide ranging collection of styles; from gothic creations through to minimalist and geometric shapes, in rings, necklaces and chains to suit any occasion, you can find something for you.


Creators like Lee Renee, Stephanie Bates, and Anchor & Crew are in the store, and take things from the sublime to the slightly more unusual.

Lee Renee

Anchor & Crew

Edge Only

You can find some much more greatness at The Pommier or on Twitter.


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