Henry J Socks

I’ve recently become more and more focused on socks as a lovely colour pop on an outfit. In fact, I’d say it was more obsessed. I’ve been bulk buying various colours (usually shades of green for some reason) and prepped myself for winter, when it’s appropriate enough to wear them. I’m not willing the Summer away, but imagine how wearing cosy socks is going to be?


I’ve seen many a-pair of socks, and flicked through lots of arms of various patterns, without much taking my fancy. Sometimes they are too in your face, like a vibrant Pucci inspired pattern, or a geometric, ikat deal, which wouldn’t suit what I wear.

Luckily Henry J Socks have my feet well and truly covered.

They provide a subscription service that gives you a constant supply of fresh socks right through your door, and save you the bother of finding them yourself. Available in 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions, they’ll provide you with the perfect socks for any occasion.

Not only that, but Henry J Socks even provide a ‘Socks Reunited’ service, so you can buy single socks for those ones that somehow go missing in the washing machine, or are stolen by a jealous neighbour.



Shop the entire collection, and sign up, it seems like a great idea, here.


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