‘Englishman At Home’ by Thomas Pink

What goes into making the quintessential Englishman? Is it a pinch of whatever the English version of sprezzatura is? Or is it just finding the finest, best developed fabrics and innovations? We might never know. The Universe could collapse into itself before we figure out the perfect formula for peak English Gentleman.

Some people who might help us out with it, however, and are probably the CERN of really fancy menswear is Thomas Pink, who have tried to distil the many, many facets of gentility and grace and pushed them through a creative sieve, thrown it onto some handsome men, and shouted to the ‘EUREKA!’

Put simply, Thomas Pink have launched their new Autumn/Winter campaign. Simply entitled ‘Englishman At Home,’ it examines a typical day in the life of a gentleman.

The “Englishman at Home” campaign presents a glimpse of how a gentleman may dress for work, rest or play this Autumn/Winter. The season features deep, rich, earthy tones in luxury cottons and brushed winter fabrics alongside the finest business shirting with woven woollen tailoring to ensure that he will be at his dashing best no matter where his journey takes him.

“Over, under, through, over…no…wait…over, under…”

“Eggs, wholemeal bread, Dairylea triangles, Sprite…”

“Yeah, only £22.99 from Wilkos, can you believe it?”

“Is that This Morning?
“So you’re telling me that Philip Schofield doesn’t work any school holidays?”

“I don’t know what they’d say if they knew this was a trombone.”

“No Mr. Bond, I expect you to fry- dammit.”

“Two shandies later and I woke up in a skip, can you even?”

“How fancy is my sidetable?”

“Looks like a real fire doesn’t it? It’s completely fake, just a gas’un innit?” 
See? English gentlemen are just like me and you, they probably get their Pick n Mix from Wilkos too. They might yearn for Woolworths, just like us. They might even keep their towel out for that little bit too long as well. Just like us.

So why not see what things you can buy from Thomas Pink here and embrace your inner Gentleman.


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