Thomas Pink At It Again

Thomas Pink are it again, everybody! They’ve produced a massive collection of new shirts ready for literally all of your Autumn/Winter needs. Push all those threadbare cuffed shirts into the bin and treat yourself to something beautiful and excellently made.

From a casual day, a smart/casual look, or a business wardrobe, Thomas Pink will have everything you need. Normally we would write about how extensive the collection is, or how sumptuous the threadcount is, but instead of doing that, we’re going to let the images speak for themselves by creating four outfits that sum up how versatile and accomplished new range actually is.

Casual Man

How To Style It: Pop that collar up and sticking from under the collar of the half zip jumper and have a slither of collar poking out from under the cuffs. Turn your jeans up once, sling on your most lived in boots on, and get walking.

About Town

How To Style: Keeping the palette light and just dipping it’s toe into formality allows you to play with colour in a very honest and simplistic way. Stick to palettes of the same colour, with a strong base on the bottom to pin the more frivolous shades up top. Pick a tie that is a bit more adventurous if you want, otherwise keep it buttoned to the top. This look is all about clean lines, but with a more humane and accessible look.


How To Style: Keep your suit simple and classically beautiful but upgrade it with the Timothy Textured shirt to give a bit of definition and luxury and try some brightly coloured formal accessories. Maybe channel the more autumnal colours creeping in to the shops and warm your suit up.

All of these shirts, and hundreds more are part of Thomas Pink’s great 4 4 £200 Business Bundle deal that you can find RIGHT HERE.


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