M&S Boost Your Denim Game

If you were going to go and buy some flash new jeans from somewhere you’d pay a visit to Levi, Uniqlo or Gap wouldn’t you? Well, what if I told you that you can get high end denim for an affordable price right in your local M&S? You’d totally lose your shit wouldn’t you? I know I almost did when I found out that M&S were focusing on how they made their denim, with special detail given to authentic creation and weaving. It’s an almost unheard of step for a staple of the High Street; even to the point where it seems slightly out of character. But, M&S have pulled off a really fashionable, affordable coup and dropped a brand new range of selvedge denim in a variety of fits and washes JUST FOR YOU.

The new range is focused on authentic selvedge denim and woven on traditional looms. Selvedge denim, for those who don’t know, is characterised by its tighter weave and is woven on narrow width looms using a single continuous weft yarn. When the jean hem is turned up, the natural edge of the fabrics with contrasting colours can be seen.

Made from the most premium fabrics from Cone Denim LLC mill in American, Candiani mill in Italy and Kurabo mill in Japan, these jeans are the perfect investment piece for every man’s wardrobe. The authentic selvedge jeans are available in a range of washes, including black, dark indigo, mid blue, and in two fits, slim fit and straight fit. All pairs have added detailing including selvedge on the front coin pocket, mill labels and the country’s flag printed on the inside of the jean and on the packaging labels.

A good pair of jeans is a really important part of a man’s wardrobe. Over the past couple of seasons we’ve been expanding and developing our denim offer, giving customers more choice on fit, wash, style and price. This brand new range of selvedge jeans is a natural extension to our offer, giving our customers denim of the very finest quality and made in some of the world’s finest mills. The fit and finish are impeccable, they’re the perfect investment piece this Autumn.” – Vipul Parmar, Menswear Designer for M&S

And an investment they are. Selling for £60 isn’t a terribly cheap price, especially compared to picking up a cheapo pair from Primark for a sixth of the price, the sustainability of selvedge denim means that, as time goes on, they will wear and distort to suit you, so what might start off as a tough pair of jeans, will eventually turn into one of your favourite pairs going.

How To Style

Focus on emphasising hardwearing fabrics like laundered cotton and sweatshirts to layer up, ready for a denim jacket.

All these items are available here.


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