Savvy Men X Henry J Socks

Socks can make or break an outfit. We all know that one friend who likes to have a pair of socks that verge just that too far into kitsch territory; I had a friend who used to have a sparkly pair of pink polka dot socks that they would wear whenever they could. Even with an all black outfit for work. When socks are picked right, and they blend into the outfit, or give it that little pop, they can be the difference between an alright ensemble and having a really good day.

It’s lucky then that there is someone who wants us to have beautiful socks (and as an aside, boxers) delivered straight to our door, without the hassle of being tempted by socks that are adorned with ice creams or Frankensteins. Lucky that someone had the bright idea to provide a subscription service to improve your wardrobe. Lucky that that someone is Henry J Socks, and they allowed me to try out a pair for myself.

Coming in a smart box that fits right through your letterbox, adorned in an eye catching design and a THIS IS US Henry J Socks blazoned across it, it’s already setting itself out as something great.


Look at that. You’d be over the knot if that landed on your door (not the letter from HMRC though, disregard that). Pop it open and the magic continues, A tiny, weeny lovely parcel is ready to be torn open, Willy Wonka Golden Ticket style in bright purple paper.


Look at that. Isn’t that just a really lovely, low key, exciting thing to encounter? A parcel wrapped up in delicate purple paper like it’s almost like your birthday or Christmas.

Once you open it up; as carefully as possible obviously, we’re not heathens, we can re-use it, you see what you’re finally looking for: a vibrant looking pair of socks ready to slip into any outfit.

“Socks for every occasion” is something that Henry J Socks takes seriously, and it’s evident from the off. Their colour range is wide and all encompassing and can be slipped into any single outfit going. Casual with boots with just a little bit peeping out, or a more stand out affair with your favourite suit. You could even wear them stuffed into a top pocket, if you want to. They’d still look great.

Have a look at the what else we have to say about Henry J Socks HERE or go along to Henry J Socks to find out EVEN MORE.

But that’s not all (and this is our Oprah moment) you can get a whopping 15% off your subscription with the discount code Funky15. A-MAY-ZING.



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