Hunstman drops the bomb with A/W16

Huntsman unnamed-2.jpghave had a belter of a year. For those of you below the Watford Gap, belter is Nothern for absolutely smashing; they’ve gone from strength to strength by focusing on what makes their business so stunning, that being how they excel at really high end, luxury items that exude a sense of heightened Britishness and elegance. They’re fast approaching a seminal anniversary; its been 60 years since Gregory Peck (a long time Huntsman fan, a Hunst-fan, if you will) and wore their classic flannel suit in ‘The Man In The Grey Flannel Suit’, slingshotting them into another echelon of renown.

unnamed-4.jpgBut before they hang out the Gregory Peck shaped bunting and watch The Guns Of Navarone on repeat in their pants, the guys at Huntsman have wowed us all with another stellar Autumn/Winter line up. Comprised of heritage twinges and Huntsman-focused history, this AW16 looks set to be their most inclusive, and self referential yet.

If there’s one thing that Huntsman are brilliant at; and there are a lot of these things, it’s knowing what their customers want. And instead of taking a tired horse to water, they take apart what works, tweak it and make it even better. This year, however, they focus not just on one, or even two lines, but three amazing staples of your wardrobe, updated and ready to go.


The standout has to be the Machir Jacket, a single-breasted sports coat in a windowpane check tweed. Named after Machir Bay, where Huntsman tweeds are woven, it introduces luxurious fabrics into Huntsman’s ready-to-wear line that had previously limited to their bespoke range.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Huntsman have gave us a video showing just how the campaign was created. I’m not jealous of those gorgeous men in those gorgeous clothes. Not at all. Nope. Never.

You can find every thing mentioned here, as well as so much more at here


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