New Look Travels Forward In Time; Gets Inspired By Run DMC

We can’t even begin to explain how amazing New Look is. They’ve long been one of our first ports of call when we need to update our wardrobe. Although they’re on the High Street, and are priced at around the same price point as Primark, the quality of their garments is so high that you’d be shocked to hear it’s not from Topman or H&M. While still retaining their own, individual style. 


So, when New Look announced that they were showing off their Spring/Summer collections at a very special Press Day, and that they were making it available Same Day (a lot like Burberry did this year), we were very shocked. In fact, our eyebrows were so raised we had to book an appointment at the doctors to get the muscles relaxed. 

It’s a brave move, but it’s a move that paid off because the only thing that we love more about New Look is knowing that there’s more New Look coming. 


Focusing on honing their streetwear credentials, the capsule collection brings lighter alternatives to our already pretty monochromatic palette by infusing it with a more hip hop vibe. 

Personal stand outs are the tricolour chevron track top and the all red matching tracksuit. Wear with your chunkier, whitest kicks; just ditch the Flava Flav oversized clock. Your Mam was right, you do look like a berk. 


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