Huntsman Spread Christmas Cheer With Festive Competition

It’s the season to be jolly, fa la la la laa, that’s enough of that. Ever wanted a bespoke jacket but don’t have David Ganda money? I know that I’m feverishly refreshing River Island for their Boxing Day sale to start and it’s only the 17th of December, so this competition is right up my alley.

To win your bespoke jacket made by the super cool dudes at Huntsman all you need to do is this:

– Print out one of the four choices of tartan supplied below on an olde worlde printer box

– Colour that bad boy in ANY COLOUR YOU WANT.

– Take a picture of it with your camera and shove it up on Instagram with the hashtag #huntsmantweed2016, tag the image to @huntsmansavilerow OR email that sucker to So many option. Much win.

Incidentally, can I pull off that doge meme? I’m 32 and feel that I’m maybe pushing it.

After you send your beautiful tartans off, the top 20 most liked posts will be shortlisted, shown to a panel of leading ladies and gentlemen (all wearing Theresa May’s three day into a bout of norovirus coloured trousers no doubt) and the ultimate winner will be picked over lunch. Which I bet doesn’t consist of yesterday’s stew because they bought that pair of trousers they didn’t really need and can’t fit into yet. The winning design will be put into production and the winner will receive their own bespoke jacket shortly after.

Very exciting isn’t it. How can you not enter this competition?

Fight you for it! You can find even more information over here.


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