New Look Go Doodle-tastic Street Wear

New Look Mens are brilliant. You can read about how they’re brilliant here, here, and here but I could honestly write about how great they are for hours. HOURS. The balance they keep between trend-focused streetwear and form fitting formal wear is inspiring and so easy to navigate. You can get something every time you walk, and, between you and me, they sell pretty brilliant skinny jeans too.

So it was with a squeal and a fervent thumb presses on my phone that I heard that New Look have created a capsule collection based on the art of four street artists; Pistache, The Doodle Man, Si Mitchell and Mr Oliver Switch. I love a good bit of loud fashion, and this is the loudest you can find.

Harnessing the athleisure streetwear trend of recent seasons (which New Look do greatly) and focusing it towards a small capsule of 8 tops that encompasses the aesthetic of the artists. From the loud, over the top The Doodle Man hoodie, to the more understated, almost Ed Hardy Pistache fist print sweater, these pieces will drop into your casual wardrobe with such ease that you’ll get so many people asking where its from.

BUT! What if, like me, you’re the wrong side of 30 to pull off skinny joggers? What do we do? Well, just hold on to this link because I’m about to blow your sartorial minds.

Day About Town

Keeping the palette simple allows the t-shirt to be the focus of the outfit, while you pick up sartorial points for keeping your brown and navy (which is the Brie Larson of colour combinations) as accents. Turn up the hems and show a bit more of the boot, and hit the town looking the coolest you’ve ever looked.

Laid Back Cool

A bright hoodie can be the only thing standing between an alright outfit and a comment worthy ensemble. This red hoodie brings in a bright, stand out element that will turn heads. But here’s the trick: put your hoodie under the jumper. Buy a larger size if you need to, but stick that hoodie under the jumper and make it the stand out piece. No one will look as good as you with your fancy hoodie/jumper combo.

The sneakers, with white and cream panels links the outfit back to the sweater and keeps the outfit, which could be over the top because there’s a huge fist on your jumper, and keeps it calm.


A basic, monochromatic palette of black, navy and grey naturally lends itself to more formal affairs, and this outfit, with the pattern t-shirt brings it back to a more casual look. The tailored bomber jacket, with a slight marl pattern brings a touch of expense to it, and the cropped slim trousers harness the slightly shrunken silhouette dripping through menswear at the moment. And the black derbies, a particular fave, keep it formal enough to look smart. Also; go sockless. Don’t worry about it, just do it. Bring plasters.

To celebrate the launch of the collection, New Look had The Doodle Man come and doodle aaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllll over their Oxford Street store.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can also buy everything single item from the collection OMGHEREGUYS and you really should.


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