Savvy Inspo – Charlie Day

For those who don’t know; Charlie Day is such a mega babe. Star of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Horrible Bosses, Pacific Rim and The Lego Movie, he’s fast becoming a canny famous movie star. Which is always lovely to see. But why we love Charlie Day is because of his fashion sense. Even though It’s Always Sunny started 2005, Charlie Kelly’s (the hapless, slovenly loser Day plays) outfits were ontrend 12 years later. Mixing grunge casuals with a modern day Americana, Day/Kelly is one of our absolute inspirations.

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Sticking to a tried and tested formula of sneakers and jeans has set up the option to allow the focus to sit on the range of imaginative tops; from a quirky t-shirt underneath an oversized khaki shirt, or a thrift shop souvenir jacket, to the most American piece of clothing ever: the denim jacket, Day wears the shit out of all of it.

And what’s the best part of it is that anyone, and I mean ANYONE can emulate this look. It’s a very laid back, relaxed look that will take you from morning school to evening drinks with friends where no one really cares what they look like. It’s genius. It’s accessible, and best of all, it’s comfortable.



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