Thomas Pink reinvent the ‘white shirt’

Sometimes you get bored of the staid and predictable white shirt. No matter how pristine or crisp you make them, there’s only so much that you can do before it’s just another white shirt. And who else has a wardrobe of almost identical shirts that they just throw on under their favourite knitwear? It’s dullness sometimes. Dullsville; population: you.


Thomas Pink want to redefine the white shirt, by, wait for it, completely taking white shirts out of the workwear equation. Instead of the tried and tested white shirt, the sartorial boffins at Thomas Pink want us to branch out into more adventurous hues like pink and blue. How exciting.

Although pink is one of the most ontrend colours this season, and blue has long been an interesting alternative to a white shirt, Thomas Pink are taking it to the next level, by advocating the use of stripes and patterns. Very Wall Street. Much power dressing. So cute?

Yes, so cute. If you think adventurously, you can create some really exciting looks for your office and turn people’s heads. Obvs I can’t guarantee that you’ll get a promotion if you throw on a blue shirt, but I can’t not promise it either. Throw a pattern tie that links into your suit or accessories for a full, well rounded look. Even a tie that some people might think as out there can be just what you need to bring a bit of frivolity to a boring work wardrobe. And isn’t that what we need sometimes?

You can find so many more brilliant shirts and ties over at the very good people at Thomas Pink.



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