Thomas Pink Welcomes ‘I Do’ Season

It’s that awkward time of year where you want to go to all of your friend’s weddings but can’t decide which one you need to ruin. While you do your Pros and Cons, Thomas Pink want you to look your absolute best, and have curated a new range that will have everything you need in one place. Neat, no?

01_TPINK_94811 (LOW RES)

From your stand out suit that will steal the glances of any bridesmaid, or the nifty tie/pocket square combo that garners winks from the best men, Thomas Pink has you covered from head to toe. And what more could you want?

03_TPINK_94901 (LOW RES)

Ranging from £16 for cotton socks, through to £450 for a 100% wool suit jacket, we beg you to find something you need from Thomas Pink that they don’t provide. They’ll even tailor your garment to your vital statistics, so don’t worry if you’ve only been working on your glamour muscles, they’ll sort you right out.


You can view the whole collection here and pick up our personal faves, the Gainborough silk mix pocket square. We’re a big fan of snazzy patterns. Big fans.


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