Dermot O’Leary To Release A Grooming Range – Looks Canny Like

Your friend, and mine, Dermot O’Leary, the man we all want to be, has announced via the medium of Instagram because it’s 2017, that he has collaborated with Marks and Spencer for a new grooming range aimed squarely at the busy, busy men who don’t have time to look after their skin.

We’ve all been there; you get to Wednesday and your eyes are starting to look like there’s panda circles under them and your skin has the elasticity of a wet paper bag but don’t really have the time to sort it out because we have things to do and can’t have a pampering session in front of Great British Bake Off: Creme De La Creme, although that does sound amazing.

Luckily, the new range, entitled 24hrs hopes to combat all of these problems and make sure that we look our very best, any time of the day.

The range consists of an all-in-one day face cream, hair and body wash, face wash, face scrub, an overnight recovery cream and an eye serum, so every single sensitive follicle is catered for. Lovely right?

Dermot revealed:

This project has been fantastic to work on, I’ve worked extensively with the team at M&S, who have shared their knowledge and innovation, and together we’ve created a small family of grooming products I’m really proud of, and genuinely use every day.”

Isn’t he just a total babe?

The range is available from June 8th, just in time for Father’s Day. Funny that.

It will be available online at Marks & Spencer or instore.


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