Five Ways To Wear Stripes

As the nicer weather comes round, it means a lot of things; unsightly skin on show in beer gardens, lobster coloured crispy shoulders and the inevitable peeling, and really perhaps too short shorts. It also means that the old nautical garms that you pushed into the wardrobe last September will be showing up again. After a wash and that obviously. No wants to smell like an actual sailor do they?

But this is 2017, and as politics goes down the pan and subhuman trash humans start to crawl back power from us lovely progressive liberals, we want to play our nautical game slightly differently. And we’re going to walk you right through it, step by step, because we’re great like that.

Look 1: Every Day Parisian Chic

The simplest of looks; a long sleeved top, brown chinos and statement trainers (these ones have pretty nifty cut out detail for the Summer) will carry you through all manner of occasions. From barbecues as the sun goes down, to city breaks.

Look 2: Mooching Round Town, Looking For Trouble

Pastels are a big trend for this Summer, and keeping your shades ice cream like will nail it head on. The revere collar will keep that retro edge, and tucking it into your shorts will keep that silhouette relevant. Enjoy the envious looks.

Look 3: Early Evening Drinks

One of the best things about Summer is the impromptu plans that you make at 4:45 pm. It usually gets incredibly messy by 8, but is definitely worth it. The navy tones keep the look formal, and layering the shirt over a stripe t-shirt gives a casual, but still quite intentional air. Roll those sleeves up and don’t think of your hangover until the next morning.

Look 4: Date Night

Summer is the best time to date someone; EVERYONE looks great during the Magic Hour, if things go round you’ll be getting some Christmas presents instead of just a Topman toiletry set from your Mam, and you can get away with not wearing the full scarf/glove combo ALL THE TIME. The scoop hem on the top is flattering for those areas that you didn’t quite get round to sorting out, and the navy bomber is thin enough to not give you that unfortunate sheen we all get across our T-zone. Plus those white trainers are my absolute fave.

Look 5: Relaxed Wedding Vibes


There’s something really romantic about a Summer wedding. Perhaps it’s because you have so much longer to drink and figure out who’s desperate enough to take your home, or perhaps it’s because you’re fairly sure that the dress code will be relaxed enough to show off all that great work you’ve been doing in Slimming World that you won’t have to hide in a corner of the room while everyone else has a lovely time. This outfit hangs on M&S’ brilliant Limited Edition suits that will fit you perfectly, and the Maison Labiche t-shirt’s satirical Mr. President embroidered slogan tops things off.

What do you think? How great are stripes? Which is your favourite look? Why not tell us via email here or on Twitter here. Such a technological future we have.


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