A Wild Nintendo x UNIQLO Collaboration Appeared! It’s Super Effective!

UNIQLO are fast becoming one of my favourite brands; their technologically advanced clothing is stylish enough to keep us warm and toasty when we really need it, I.e. every month except for July. When I visited their New York flagship store, I was blown away by their mannequin styling and the way they layered them up was *Italian delicious food gesture*. 

The Japanese brand is no stranger to high profile collaborations with Jil Sander, Pharrell Williams, Medicom Toy, and Opening Ceremony being some of the names that have made the most of UNIQLO’s unique approach to fast fashion. 

Their newest collaboration is with Nintendo. Yep, Nintendo. The home of Super Mario, Animal Crossing, Pokémon, Pikmin, Legend Of Zelda, to name just 5 of the genre defining franchises . They’ve created a line of tshirts that feature some of the company’s biggest names like Princess Peach, Tom Nook and your friend and mine, Magikarp. 

Priced at £12.90, available online and instore, and easily going to be one of your favourite tshirts this year. My fave is deffo the Magikarp playing card design. Because aren’t we all just a little bit Magikarp? 

Take a quick peek at this video because it’s 2017 and that’s how we do things these days. 


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