3 Ways To Wear…Pink

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Pink. Pinkety pink pink. One of the most divisive colours available on the high street, and also one of the most highly sought after. Coming in shades of hot pink, salmon and the trendiest of all the pinks, millennial, you can find your absolute fave basics coming in the hues and shades of Summer. Anyone who’s anyone can see that menswear is having a gender fluid moment, regardless of how awfully Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid do it. Shapes are more floaty and body-focused, and patterns are moving away from traditional male tropes of rugged slogans and stripes, and more into the realm of The Secret Garden. Not for everyone, but definitely something that you should try. But how do you manage to pull off pink without looking like Nintendo superstar, Kirby?

So sip that tea, eat that Belvita biscuit (other breakfast cereal bars available too, but why would you bother?) and watch us as we skilfully Lawnmower Man our way through the internet and pull out the best pink picks for three occasions; a wedding, a picnic and our personal fave, sitting on the couch waiting for the next series of Rick and Morty.

Pink Picnic


Keeping the silhouette relaxed with the wide leg trouser and relaxed t-shirt (with Donald Duck on) is an easy win in fashion stakes. Tuck the t-shirt in for extra sartorial points, and tie that yellow bandana like you’ve just escaped from an Archers convention and have seen some things, man.

Pink Rick 

Layering pastel and neutral shades is a tricky game, but when pulled off well can be one of the chicest looks around. Keep the colours simple, and stay away from too similar shades to avoid clashing and missing the point. Technical joggers, like these from Zara, can add a smarter appeal over a pair of regular joggers from Primark. Not that we’re Primark snobs.

Pink Wedding

Now, stay with us for a second. A pink suit might seem like a huge fashion step, but isn’t that what fashion is about? Isn’t fashion an always redefining momentum that buffets and wanes with what we need? Brief flashes of greatness and frivolity mixed in with the dullness of life? That’s what this suit is. Keep it as light and breezy as possible, the palm print shirt keeps it very casual, very ‘alright, one more cocktail’, very ‘I wish I’d taken tomorrow off work.’ And the suede loafers tie all the colours together and base it in a more conventional shoe style.

What do you think? Is pink a shade too far? Comment below and get us told.


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