How To Dress in August

It’s August everyone. It’s the eighth month of the year, so we’re quickly moving towards another Winter. Another long, long Winter where we pile on the weight because Christmas food is just so blimming delicious and we lack the self control to stop ourselves even though our cholesterol is seriously thinking about packing it’s bags and leaving a note for us in the middle of the night. Being that obscenely decadent is why we work so hard all year round.

Not only is our resolve on the wane, but the weather is too, with each day being a bit of a surprise. One minute it could be blistering heat, and the next is tropical downpours, with wind lashing our up do’s backer and forther than Willow Smith (what a reference). Which isn’t really ideal when you don’t want to look like a swamp witch. How do you dress appropriately for weather when the weather really wants to ruin your life? Well, prick those ears, open those eyes and pay attention because we are about to school you in how to stick a middle finger at climate change and show why humanity will always prevail.

The Inspiration

Layering is light and basic, because no one suits a forehead sheen. And if you buy shrewdly, you can buy some really cute pieces that you can add to your FULL ON OMG HAVE YOU SEEN THE SNOW wardrobe.

My friend, and yours, Marks & Spencer, showed us that they know some other companies are excelling at individual and more trend-driven looks (New Look, we’re looking at you), but they are focusing on what they are best known for: basics that last for a long time and are incredibly well made.

J. Crew showed us how easy it is to add an elevation of cool by adding a quirky, collegiate striped jumper to their outfits.

And Reiss? Well Reiss blew our tits right off by keeping mature and simple silhouette and focusing on the cut and shapes the garments to really push their tried and tested aesthetic.

How To Do It

What does our expert How To Guide To Dressing For August, the Macarena, and imagining there’s no Heaven have in common? They’re all easy is you try (John Lennon, pow, in your face). Did that impress you? Because it should have. Anyway, here’s the Top Five Tips.

  • Invest in some merino knits. Because the weave is lighter than the more hardy cotton and cashmere, it will allow you to strip off when times get too warm, and give an insulating later when the temperature starts to drop.
  • Continue with your trouser hem rolling, and start to introduce a quirky sock into the mix. I’m told on good authority that socks are going to be a huge deal when it comes to Winter.
  • Let’s talk about boots. Personally I love a pair of plain, weathered boots, but even if you are a fan of the brogued variety, keep that trouser hem just tickling the top of the boot. Think bovva boys, just without the properly racist attitudes.
  • Invest in some proper leather/suede care because if you ruin your fave shoes you will never forgive yourself. And neither will we.
  • Grow a beard. This applies to any time of the year, but jumpers and fancy coats all look better with beards.

Best Of The Best

And that, they say in the business of blogs, is that. Go forth, start eyeing up those 3/4 length coats and frivolous knitwear, and know that it’s downhill from here and if you think ahead, and buy well, then you’ll look the absolute shizz.


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