ROE Menswear: A SS18 Edit

ROE Menswear make no bones about it; they are here to give us the most highest quality garments that you can find and help us to redefine our wardrobes without faffing around. And, at the end of the day, is that not the absolute best thing to hear? Taking the stress and strain out of things so we can get on with more important things like trying to figure out the twists at the end of Black Mirror, or trying to figure out which Madonna is the absolute bee’s knees.


The quality of their garments is something that ROE takes VERY seriously. Each detail, from the main cloth used to create the main parts of the design, to the extra details like zips and lining are well thought out and effectively used. They’ve scoured the globe and found the very best hardware (Riri and Cobrax) and the best mills that also work with the biggest fashion houses in the World. These people are not messing about.


So, instead of going through each individual garment and saying why they’re the best thing to hang in your wardrobe, I decided to create an edit to show you the best way to style them. Helpful, no?

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At Savvy Men we bloody love layering. We’ll layer anything we flipping can, so we’ve layered the beige mac over the bomber, effectively turning the jacket into an overshirt. The scarf creates a border between the two and piques interest a little bit, and the boots cap everything off with a hardy slab of brown leather. Roll those jean legs up a good bit and show some thick sock.

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Keeping a neutral, minimalist palette can help to show off the design details of the garments and not muddle things up by throwing too much information around. So the only colours you’ll see here are black, grey and cream. Lovely, right?

The hardy work jacket which you can team with so many other things stays open, with the scarf wrapped around the pushed up collar and showing just enough of the t-shirt to break up the cream and the grey of the jeans. Keep the legs unrolled and sling that watch on top the whole thing off.

Anything you’ve liked the look of can be found at ROE unless other specified.

What do you think? Absolutely brilliant, right? Leave your comments below if you’d do something different.

Oh, and obviously the best Madonna song is Like A Prayer.


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