Cabana Sets – More Than Fancy Dress

It’s the age old story: an ageing showgirl falls into a catatonic state due to the murder of her long time lover and subsequent court case. We’ve all been there haven’t we? The amount of times I’ve had people recount the disco banger Copacabana to me is getting beyond a bit of a joke really. They’re all ‘there was blood and a single gunshot, but just who shot who?’ and I’m all ‘Ma’am, I don’t know but can you leave my property please?’ while typing 999 into my phone.

But we can learn a lot from the tragic life of Lola and Tony, and more specifically from the heady nights of palm tree bedecked 1950s night life. Huge skirts that would make people who push treble buggies pissed off, eye-wateringly bright neon signs telling you where a diner is, and one of 2018’s biggest, and controversial trends: co-ordinated clothing is the brightest hues imaginable.

The Inspiration

Imagine what life was like back in the 1950s. If the Baby Boomers are to be believed, life was never better, and you can kind of see why. Everyone seemed to be having such a great time, strutting around the boardwalk like Global Warming didn’t exist, or careering around in a cadillac like a side plot for Back To The Future, looking absolutely amazing. Women’s waists were cinched to Violet Chachki levels, and men had never been so barrelled and Desperate Dan-esque, sporting clothes which they had no clue would become their own market sixty years later. The World was their oyster, and boy did they shuck that oyster down. They didn’t even gag afterwards.

Everything was bright and colourful and imbued with a sense of endless Summer. Birds of Paradise, palm trees, and so many flowers festooned matching shirts and shorts, and worn without even a hint of irony or wallflower. Can you even imagine making the most of the sunshine instead of wondering what everyone was thinking?

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What a lerk, right? You’d turn heads and cause accidents strutting down the high street in some of those get ups. Admittedly it does look like you’d be on your way to a ‘People Who Probably Fell In Love While An Elvis Presley Song Played’ themed fancy dress part.

The Look

Heavily, and I mean HEAVILY influenced by one of my favourite films, The Talented Mr. Ripley (which I’ve never seen before but that’s between me and you. My favourite film is actually Clue, but there’s not as much sartorial inspiration from that), everything has a 1950s coloured hue. The tailoring but still quite casual look, the length of the shorts; which are cut just above the knee, even the revere collar which I am still in love with, it all screams a lazy weekend away on the Italian Riviera while you slowly assume someone’s identity (or something, honestly, I’ve never seen it. Die Hard is good as well.).

But how do you wear it effectively? Well, let me tell you below in THREE DIFFERENT WAYS. If you could just go on and start playing the theme tune to 80s fashion icon The Clothes Show that’d be great.

City Break Of Your Dreams

If you’re heading to an inner city haven that specialises in some of the best culture in the World, then why not really go all out when dressing for the day? Because you’re scared that wearing a co-ordinated outfit makes it look like you’re still dressed in your pyjamas. But don’t worry, because how you’ll style this will make it stand out from the rest. Exciting, right?

Darn tooting.

So, because this is quite an out there look, I’ve started with a simple co-ord, namely a very relaxed stripe version from BooHooMan. The revere collar harkens back to the days of Bobby Darin and Norma Jean, while the modern tailoring (which is a much slimmer silhouette because we don’t smoke for sport anymore) brings it up to date.

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The neutral tones keeps the outfit simple, allowing you to rely on the construction of the garments and the design hits to make a point.

Floral Extremes

Look at this absolute Bobby Dazzler of a co-ordination, and from M&S of all places! The bright and conversation starting print will always keep you smiling, especially when the weather starts to change halfway through grilling some sausages on the temporary barbecue you picked up from Asda on a whim.

It’s perfect for a bustling garden party where people wear nice things and don’t have an emergency hoodie waiting in the car. The very height of your Summer calendar.

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The lovely tonal flowers will bring something special in a World of really brash and sometimes crass floral co-ordinations and make you stand out in a crowd. If you fancy it, find an accompanying hoodie to tie at the top and give it a true casual/smart look.

A Very Relaxed Summer Wedding

There’s nothing to say that you couldn’t wear a snazzy co-ordination to a more suave social fixture. All you would need to do is just raise the stakes on the accessories and focus more on how you can incorporated accessories that strengthen your outfit, and not keep things super casual. So, and bear with me here, why don’t you try a co-ordination under a blazer?

I know, I know, but just wait a second.

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This, frankly awesome suit from Topman is one of the best things I’ve EVER seen, and although it’s ultra skinny (which isn’t great for lads like me who have legs) it will bring something really special to your occasion. Maybe pulling focus from the bride, but really, is that such a bad thing? Because the suit is incredibly loud, everything else has to be super discreet and plain. You don’t want to turn up looking like Laura Ashley has detonated all over you, so keep it simple. And look, it has legs as well.

What do you think of the picks? Is this a trend you can see yourself adopting? Do you think I’ll ever watch The Talented Mr. Ripley? Comment below, or tweet Savvy Men.


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