What To Wear In January

It’s January, and it’s blimming freezing. Even my glasses have been freezing over, that’s how bleak it is up in the North. You know on Game Of Thrones when they venture past the wall and it’s just a snow filled expanse filled with angry people? Well, that’s basically the equivalent of Newcastle right now. There’s not much to look forward to in January: a pretty empty bank account, a fuller stomach and the dread of another upcoming year where the only thing to look forward to is your birthday and a holiday away somewhere. Grim, right? How can we get behind that?

Well, if, like me, you’re just coming down from a Christmas fuelled by working in retail, you will take any single chance to bring a bit of happy to your life. And, for me, that comes in really getting behind my sartorial choices for the upcoming year. Which can be pretty difficult when it comes to everyone feeling bloated and stuffed from those cheap chocolates that your Aunt Linda regifted from 1992. So to really make it easy for you, here are some steps to really make the most of your fashion choices. Honestly, it’s like Christmas all over again. You’re being spoilt.

Make The Most Of Your Cosy Layers

Soon enough it’ll be too warm to wrap up cosy and really vegetate in front of the TV wondering how Sharon Mitchell really nailed her Miss Piggy impression, or how you should definitely start a new diet tomorrow as you side-eye that last box of Maltesers. So what we say is why fight it? Lean into it. Really make the most of it because it’ll be another ten months before you can pull that thick borg hoodie out from the drawers again and that royally sucks.

While you’re on, why don’t you see if you can find something more appropriate to wear all year round instead of that oversized (read: far too big) Sprout Pout pyjamas, or those fairisle meggings that you thought were a good idea at the time but now you’re on the wrong side of numerous turkey dinners, seem foolish?

Stick to a neutral palette of greys and navys so every piece you buy can fit together and not look out of place. Marks & Spencer have an excellent range designed by David Gandy just like some you’d find in Hugo Boss, but for an absolute steal. Don’t forget fit. Get rid of all those regular fit trousers that are just a health hazard when running down the stairs to answer the door and find a fit that suits your legs. There’s no reason that you can’t look great when you’re four episodes into a Homes Under The Hammer sesh.

Start Dabbling In Spring Tones

Yes, no likes to leave the comfort of their regular clothes, but how many times do you want to wear that maroon jumper? Those hems are already starting to make a break for freedom. Get yourself down the shops to see what newness is hitting the racks and get behind it. Typical spring tones of yellows, lilacs (lilac is going to be MASSIVE this year) and pinks always lead the way for new Spring layouts, and it’s not hard to see why. We’ve been covering ourselves in dowdy, autumnal colours for months so a nice, bright change is just what the doctor ordered (disclaimer: I’m not a registered medical practitioner but I’ll give anything a try).

Shirts in floral prints are going to be peppering stores soon, along with paler washes of denim as well as lighter hues of chinos, ready for the heat of Summer. And if it’s anything like last Summer, we’ll be looking for a pale pink biohazard suit because that Summer was HOT.

Don’t worry if you really go nuts with your wardrobe update because you can work them into your existing wardrobe. Layer floral shirts under contrasting knitwear and chinos for a pop of colour, or layer a floral shirt over a white t-shirt and a jacket for a casual yet ever so smart look. Don’t be afraid of working them in however you can. Everyone loves bright colours. Except goths, I suppose.

Have A Wardrobe Detox

One of, if not THE best things about the New Year is the almost cathartic feeling you get shedding off the previous year knowing that you’ve got another 365 days to really try and not make the same mistakes. One way to really galvanise that feeling is to have a detox of your wardrobe. Take all those trendy clothes that you weren’t too sure about last year and get rid. Take them to your local charity shop. I’ve gathered all my socks and underwear, chucked the lot and replaced them with really simple, and easily sorted replacements. That way you won’t have one paisley sock and a single pair of briefs that have a canny unfortunate hole in them. You’ll have some lovely and clean undergarments ready to support you correctly and keep your feet and ankles looking absolutely amazing.

I replaced all of my underwear and socks with some of the basics from ASOS and New Look Men. They are literally full to bursting with socks and whatnots.

Reinvigorate Those Forgotten Trends

Of course you really bought into the millennial pink trend. Why wouldn’t you? It was EVERYWHERE. Those pink chinos were an odd choice, but for that one barbecue you looked like a total beaut. But then autumn happened and pink quickly descended into mossy greens and bark browns. Two very different palettes there. But now that spring is here again you can really make the most of those trends Why not team millennial pink with greys and light blues, or, if you’re feeling brave enough, attempt tonal dressing. Work different shades of the same colour (lightest one on top, naturally) into an outfit like face of Autograph Oliver Cheshire perfects. If you keep the shape and silhouette of your outfit simple, the colours really speak for themselves. As for accessories, keep them to a minimum and as minimal as possible; white trainers and a simple watch.

This can also be applied to that revere collar shirt that you bought. Pop that onto an outfit of similar colours for a very trendy, tidy and effective look.

What do you think? Is this just the ravings of a madman or are you reclined in your train seat, really taking it all in? Comment below and don’t forget to follow Savvy Men on Instagram!


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