What To Wear In February

It’s bloody February finally. Every month usually has four weeks, so why does it feel like January lasts longer than watching Titanic? It lasts longer; so much longer, than any other month that sometimes it feels like a really bad episode of Black Mirror, or at the very least, one of Dante’s levels of hell. See, I can do high concept fiction as well as whatever Gemma Collins is absent-mindedly shoving onto the shelves of Waterstones.

That first post-Christmas paycheck is more than welcome, but when you think about what February contains, it’ll go before you know it. Yes, it might be the shortest month, but it’s also the month where people start to really focus on what holidays they want to take (and unfortunately, pay for) and it also contains one of the best/worst days of the year: Valentine’s Day.

But how do you combat the Wintry mood and make February as sartorially successful as possible? Well, by following these really handy, and also, easily readable points and hints.

Embrace The Cardigan

Now. Hold on before you skip over this section thinking that this is just another way that people are trying to convince you to look like your elderly grandfather. This is more than that, although I’m sure your elderly grandfather was an absolute don back in his day.

A shawl cardigan (one with a big old collar that sort of folds over itself when it’s buttoned up) is one of the sleeper hits of the Autumn/Winter wardrobes. Thrown over a t-shirt with some boots, or slung on as part of your work uniform, there’s not much that a shawl cardigan can’t do. You can even wear it with some slubby joggers and a henley, but we’ll keep that between us shall we?

Go for neutral colours to fit in with as much of your existing wardrobe as possible because you really want it to add to your outfit, not overshadow it. Think of it as a lighter jacket, not as something that you’d put under your coat. Although that depends if you’re one of these people who are permanently cold. Then wear whatever you want as long as you stop moaning.

Win The Cold War

One of the more substantial problems of cold weather isn’t that everything sort of shrivels to nubs (you know what I mean, don’t look sheepish), or that when you wear too many layers and take sanctuary in the nearest Starbucks you start to sweat horribly. It isn’t even that you can’t tell if someone is super handsome of if they’re just wearing a really good bit of knitwear. No. One of the worst things is struggling with chapped and flaky skin that has been battered by Mother Nature and her freezing winds combined with blasting heating systems and, if we’re honest, our own forgetfulness.

There are a number of ways that you can combat the onslaught of the cold: you can start by not leaving the house. Just hibernate from the end of October until the middle of April. Pretty extreme but don’t tell me that you’ve not been tempted.

Another technique you can do is develop a strong grooming regime that you stick to like glue. Wash your face every morning and every night to get all the nasty bits and pieces that are floating around in the air off your skin before using an anti-aging moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated and supple.

Keep that up and you’ll be seeing the Spring months looking so much younger and active. Which would be bloody brilliant, right?

Invest In The Basics

Now it’s February, presumably we’ve all regained our pre-Christmas bodies back. Unfortunately they’re just as lumpy and bumpy as they were last year and we can’t blame those three days of taking egg nog intravenously or the box upon box of half price chocolates that we panic bought three days before Christmas and didn’t give as presents. Which is a shame really. But lumpy and bumpy bodies we have so we might as well just make the absolute most of it, but how do we do that? By buying some lovely new clothes that make us look wonderful of course. And something that has really caught our eye is the abundance of oxford shirts that are in the shops right now.

Oxford shirts have become one of the most versatile staples of our wardrobe because of their easy peasy way of looking really smart without going over the top. And because they come in every colour possible, you’ll definitely find one to suit you.

Traditionalists would advise that you stay to the triumvirate of pink, light blue and white, mainly because they are the most accessible colours to start with, but why not branch into a fancy green, or an even fancier red? Both colours are still easy enough to add into your wardrobe without looking like you’re making too much effort.


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